Student Life
Christel House Academy

Student Life @ Christel House Academy South

A day at Christel House entails more than just classroom instruction and homework. While academic preparation is the main focus of a student’s life at the Academy, it is not the complete picture. Social and emotional development is an important aspect of the Christel House experience that rounds out students by providing opportunities to learn how to apply knowledge. 

At Christel House Academy, interacting as a community is basic to the experience.  Whether it is athletics, the arts, pep rallies, lunch, clubs or participation in any of the school’s many field experiences, students at Christel House participate in student life together.  These experiences provide meaningful interaction and foster the bond between all students that make the Christel House experience unique.

Student Clubs:

  • Choir

  • Publications

  • Private Music Lessons (Butler)

  • Christel Knights Club

  • Chess Club

  • Cooking Club

Academic Teams:

  • Vex Robotics Competition Team

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