Our Advantages for Teachers
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Our Advantages for Teachers

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Unlike traditional public schools that pay teachers a little more each year to simply show up; Christel House teachers are rewarded for results. Teachers are paid a competitive salary based on performance-- a unique concept in public education: hard working and successful teachers get paid more.

In addition to a base salary, teachers have opportunities to earn additional compensation by taking on additional responsibilities—coaching sports, running after school clubs, tutoring students, and taking on teacher leadership roles.


At the end of each academic year, teachers also earn bonuses based on accomplishments and student performance. Exceptional teachers have the potential to earn thousands of extra dollars each year.


Christel House Academy participates in the Indiana Teachers' Retirement Fund-- the statewide pension plan for Indiana teachers.


In addition to the State pension plan, Christel House Academy staff have access to an employer sponsored 403(b) plan with ING North America. Teachers new to the profession can opt for an ING, totally portable and tax-sheltered, retirement savings plan in place of the state pension fund.


Christel House Academy employees are provided high quality and comprehensive health, dental and life insurance. Additionally, the organization provides both short & long-term disability coverage, in addition to optional insurance products from Horace Mann.


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Work for us and you may be able to get your student loan paid off!

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